Is It Time For a New Network Strategy?

A successful supply chain network design gives companies a competitive advantage, pinpoints ways to significantly reduce costs, improves service levels, reduces overall cycle times, streamlines all processes and systems used, and more.

Agriculture Transportation Coalition share concerns over tariffs

While most of the alarm over trade war escalation with China has been expressed by leading U.S. retailers and manufacturers dependent on imports, another prominent voice is being raised by the nation’s largest association representing agricultural exporters.

When it comes to the U.S.-China trade war, there is no clear end in sight

Last week in this space the topic of imminent additional tariffs to be placed on United States-bound imports out of China, part and parcel of the seemingly interminable U.S.-China trade war, was front and center. Well, those tariffs, to the tune of 25% on around $200 billion worth of Chinese goods and products, coupled with President Trump recently saying he is ready to further up the ante, with a 25% tariff on more Chinese imports were met, not unexpectedly, with retaliatory tariffs from China of $60 billion on various types of American goods.

UPS expands destination list for Saturday export pick-up service

Global transportation and logistics bellwether UPS said today that it is making a significant expansion to its Saturday pick-up offering for export shipments. This expansion comes in the form of adding 122 countries to the current 57 destinations that receive Saturday pick-up service. UPS said this includes 20 new European markets, 28 Americas-based markets, two Asia-Pacific markets, and 72 Middle East- and Africa-based markets. And the company added that shippers that schedule a Saturday pick-up for their UPS Worldwide Express portfolio packages from the U.S. to 179 international markets will have their shipments processed and shipped on Sunday and delivered as soon as Monday.

Fr8Hub launches U.S.-Mexico digital freight marketplace

Fr8Hub said that the focus of its digital freight marketplace is on directly matching cross-border shippers throughout Mexico and the U.S.—to and from border cities—with available carriers and drivers for their loads. And it added that through a pairing of tracking and visibility for shipments in and out of Mexico, the company’s flagship offering is a streamlined, cross-border freight marketplace.

Port of Oakland may restore its bulk shipping operations

Bulk shipping operations could soon return to the Port of Oakland for the first time in 20 years.

National diesel average falls for first time in six weeks, reports EIA

With a 1.1-cent decrease, the national diesel average came in at $3.160 per gallon. This follows gains of 0.002 cents, 2.2-cents, 2.7-cents, and 2.5-cents, respectively over the previous three weeks.

New truck exchanges offer hedge, but come with risk

Shippers nervous about volatility in US truckload rates have two new options to hedge risk in the form of exchanges,...

Reorganized, loss-making Roadrunner gets funding

 After a sweeping, two-year reorganization that culminated in a rights offering that effectively transferred its ownership last month, Roadrunner Transportation Systems is a leaner, if...

Venture capital focuses on tech for big BCOs

 The $97 million Los Angeles-based NEXT Trucking received this week, which pushed...