ACS Completes Giant Crane Ship

Overhaul of the hull of the General Aliaga Shikhlinsky crane vessel has been completed. The vessel is on the balance of the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping (ACS). It is one of the giant ships in the Caspian Sea and is.

After completion of the repair work on the floating dock in the Bibi Eybat Ship Repair Yard, the ship was launched into the sea.

The overhaul of the vessel with carrying capacity equal to 600 tons included the repair of the bottom and side fittings, replacement of metal boards and protective metal belts on the underwater and surface parts of the vessel, updating of the protective wheels (fenders) on each side, as well as cleaning and painting works.

The repair of the rolls used for mooring and replacement of the damaged metal structures for handling cargo were the part of the work implemented on the cargo deck.

In addition, the oil and water coolers of the main engine were cleaned, the pipe system on the ship, sanitary facilities and living quarters, waterproof doors, illuminators, and ventilation doors were repaired, as well as new furniture was installed.

Now, the vessel is tested for bringing it back to the operation.