How to establish yourself in the vast world of international logistics, and tell your clients and partners about your business?

Where to find a reliable partner, and how to minimize the costs of your business?

Where to find available containers for your transport, or to tell the professional market about your proposals?

About us is an international informational internet platform, consolidating professionals working in the field of transportation and logistics. Our system combines owners of containers and infrastructural objectives, carriers and forwarders, shipbrokers and agents, associations and branch unions.

We are bringing together participants of the market of international transportation on all continents. Our system includes five major languages of the world: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Hindi. This allows even small and medium-sized shipping companies to work in our system in any region of the world.


Our goal

Our goal is to bring all participants of the international logistics market together ın one ınformatıonal system, whıch will give you the most relevant information in regards to the whereabouts of available containers, elements of logistical infrastructures, and of course finding reliable partners.

We will

We will provide you with the instrument, which will help you enter even more contracts within your country, as well as around the world. Our system brings together professionals who value their time, and want to grow their businesses, regardless of borders and distance.

Owners of containers

Minimizing the costs of container ownership

Forwarders and Carriers

Decrease of shipping cost

Infrastructural Elements

Localized advertising for market professionals

Аssociations and Unions

Expansion of the line of work and development of the field

All of this will help our system’s participants optimize work with partners in any part of the world, closing even more deals, with minimal costs and maximal profit, using the most relevant information from our online platform.



Our online information platform was designed for professionals in the field of shipping and logistics, who want to minimize their expenses and broaden the sphere of their activities, using containers of all types in their work. For your convenience, all activity of moved containers is displayed on a map of the world in your personal account. In “online” mode, you may see information about available containers in any part of the world.


You can choose the place of loading, and destination directly on the map, and our system will select the best offers for you in a matter of seconds.


Select a reliable partner from a number of world leaders, or smaller shipping companies.


Commercial offers for rent/purchase of containers in “online” mode.


A choice of the best offers in “one click”.


Auctions for last minute offers on an available containers.

Besides that, we are constantly developing and introducing new services for you, which will help you receive answers faster, and fulfill shipping contracts.

We will solve all of your problems

connected to loading, or finding, containers for shipping anywhere in the world. You will see availability of free containers and relevant offers in real-time.In the system, we have already collected thousands of offers from shipping companies and container owners.

You no longer need to waste time in search of a free container. Now, they are all gathered in one place.

Sign up

By registering on our portal, you will receive your own company website, which will allow you to tell all users about your business.


A normal social networking interface.


Individual accounts for each employee’s work.


No spam, only professional working information.


All this and much more will become everyday tools in your work. Finding containers has never been so easy.


Any company in our system can go through the verification process, and receive a special status, which will be endorsed with a corresponding symbol. Verification has several levels, ranging from verification of founding documents, to individual employees of the company, for the client by checking and confirming their whereabouts by registration address, confirmation of the number of employees, and much more.

The registration certificate

Our online platform is a community for professionals, and before registration we ask you to attach the registration certificate of your company. This certificate will guarantee, that you are a legal entity, and grant us confidential information. This will allow you to communicate only with professional users in the same market, and guarantees the authenticity of given information in the system.


Information about the location of an available container and owner data will cost you only one dollar, or its equivalent in your local currency. We are saving you money, increasing the profitability of your traffic. The employees of your company pay only for the information that they need!

We understand how important expenses are for your business, and for your convenience we have developed a few levels of discounts. You may choose the payment option that suits you, pass registration, and start to work in the system today.

1 USD*
Single payment: 1 click
100 USD
Discount for 150 clicks
300 USD
Discount for 500 clicks

* Minimum transaction amount of 20 USD

If you want to become a system leader – write to us, and we will sort out an individualized payment plan for you!